Esbit Field Stove (Esbit Feldkocher) with Packaged Fuel Tabletes Box and stove - packaging, box



Three piece, stamped magnetic sheet metal construction stove consists of two separate, fold back, hinged, top panels and a single piece bottom panel. The two top panels are secured to the bottom panel by two, small, hollow headed rivets positioned on both sides near each end. The top panels fold back creating "legs" and vertical wind break panels and the solid fuel tablets would be place on the center of the bottom panel and lit. The top panels each have embossed script which includes, "Esbit Kocher", (Esbit-Cooker), "Hier Aufklappen!, (Open Here!), "Mod.9", (Model # 9), and "Ges. gesch.", indicating, Gesetzlich Geschützt, (Protected by Law). The top panels also have two embossed diagrams of the stove in use. The interior bottom panel also has embossed script that includes, "Tablettenauflage", (Tablet Edition), and, "Hersteller: Erich Schumm Esbit Brennstoff Fabrik Stuttgart-W", (Manufacturer: Erich Schumm Esbit Inflammable Material Factory Stuttgart-W). Of Note: The Erich Schumm firm moved from Stuttgart to Murrhardt in 1943, indicating this stove was manufactured before the move. Nice clean example. A cardboard fuel tablet package with bright red white and blue printed script and illustrations. The script includes the stylized manufacturers name, "Esbit", and, "Trocken-Brennstoff zum Kochen und Wärmen Nicht Gesundheitsschädlich", (Dry inflammable material for cooking and heating Not injurious to health). The package has additional script which includes operating instructions and extols the virtues of the stove and tablets. The printed images show the stove in use in a variety of different situations and locations and also advertises two other models of stoves offered for sale. The package is full. Nice personal field accessory. Very Good condition.

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